New Product Creation

Innovation Process

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The ability to innovate begins with a change in mindset - this program will walk you through how to build the self-efficacy and confidence to try new and different things in your work and life, and that you can learn how to do them even if you don't know now. Through reflective activities, this workshop will help you to cultivate a mindset for innovation through awareness of your thinking. Equipped with awareness, we will then teach you techniques to change your behavior to take action faster. The workshop experience instructs participants on how to generate game-changing ideas for a successful new business model, product, service, and process creation by leveraging the five Discovery Skills of disruptive innovators. The workshop is the first step to the beginning and making progress on your own innovation project, showing you where to start and processes to use. While not every innovation project will result in a new product, service, or business, you will develop valuable experiences and tools for tackling future challenges through this introductory program to practical innovation. The workshop helps identifies five discrete and essential stages of successful innovation:

Stage 1: Empathizing to Understand the Problem.

Stage 2: Design the right product.

Stage 3: Develop.

Stage 4: Deliver.


Design Thinking: Identify Personas, Customer Journey Maps, Prioritize features, and benefits.


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