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Kepner-Tregoe Foundation Certification Kepner-Tregoe Foundation Certification

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2 days
Credits: 16 PDUs, 16.5 CPEs
Includes Certification Exam Fees and Course Materials.
Certified by Kepner-Tregoe® Foundation.

Course Agenda

7 Rules for Mission Critical Success.
Questioning and Listening Skills.
Typical Support Organization Issues.
Typical Support Personnel Issues.
Typical Support Organization Needs.
I am an Expert Why Process?.
Learning Process.
Definition of a Process.
The Role of Questioning in the Thinking Process.
The Role of Thinking in the Fundamental Processes.
The Troubleshooting Process.
The Thinking Process Introduction.

Introduction to the Kepner-Tregoe Rational Process: 
Situation Appraisal.
Problem Analysis.
Decision Analysis.
Potential Problem Analysis.

Situation Appraisal: 
The Definition of an Incident and a Concern.
How to List Threats and Opportunities.
Separate and Clarify.
Set Priority.
Plan Next Steps.
The Role of Questioning in “Situation Appraisal”.

Problem Analysis: 
The Kepner-Tregoe Definition of a Problem.
How to Describe Problem Analysis.
Identify Possible Causes.
Evaluate Possible Causes.
Confirm True Cause.
Explain the role of questioning in Problem Analysis.

Decision Analysis: The Definition of a Decision.
How to Clarify Purpose.
Identify Alternatives.
Evaluate Alternatives.
Make a Decision.
The Role of Questioning in Decision Analysis.
How to Effectively Present Recommendations and Assess Recommendations.

Potential Problem Analysis: 
The Definition of an Action and a Plan.
How to Identify Potential Problems.
Identify Likely Causes.
Take Preventive Action.
Plan Contingent Action and Set Triggers.
The Role of Questioning in Potential Problem Analysis

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