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The Organizational Behaviour Challenge

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The Organizational Behaviour Challenge includes:

Organizational Behavior Simulation: Judgment in a Crisis Harvard Business School Publishing

1 to 3 hours including introduction and debrief.

This is a single-player simulation, each student plays the role of a product manager at Matterhorn Health, a medical device manufacturer. Customers report a series of critical problems with the company's newly launched blood glucose monitor. As the product manager, each student receives a barrage of communications from colleagues about the problems via email, video messages, voicemail, and instant message chats and must quickly determine the root cause of the issue and make recommendations on how to proceed.

This simulation explores issues related to human judgment, cognitive bias, and decision-making during a product launch crisis. Students receive information to determine the cause of the issue and make recommendations for how the company should respond.

Provide an understanding of several factors which impair judgment and decision making

Practice leadership and how to respond in a crisis situation, specifically a crisis related to a safety or quality concern

Analyze the validity of conventional approaches to root cause analysis

Personal Leadership Profile:

The Leadership EQ 360 offers the single, most comprehensive view of an individual's EI results through four key dimensions of leadership. The report helps you to view your client's scores through a leadership lens, as well as understand how others see your client as a leader.

Executive Summary: Showcases the client's three highest and three lowest-scoring subscales by quickly pinpointing areas where the client excels (to help fuel organizational and personal performance) and areas in need of development (to harness the client's leadership ability). The summary will also specify where each score falls in relation to the Leadership Bar (if this feature is turned on), and the level of agreement between the individual's scores and the scores provided by his/her raters.

Leadership Potential Sections: Examines the client's subscale scores based on ratings in the context of four key leadership dimensions (Authenticity, Coaching, Insight, and Innovation) with the new "Rater-based Leadership Potential" section.

Leadership Bar: Highlights how the client's scores compare to top leaders with a yellow leadership bar that appears above other bar graphs. The client can focus on development efforts in areas in which he/she scored lower than other successful leaders to maximize leadership capability.


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